Gafka Dariusz

Dariusz Gafka

Dariusz currently acts as Chairmen of Supervisory Board of Santander Consumer Bank (independent member). He is also a member of several committees: Audit, Remuneration and Nominations, Innovation. Before he used to be a member of Supervisory Board of privately owned companies. For many years he served as board member and CFO in Mitsubishi Motors Car Company, DaimlerChrysler Fleet Management, Homecredit Bank (Ukraine), Sygma Bank. He also took part in several startup activities (Kreditech,, and professional services (Extor).

He possesses Ph.D. degree from Polish Academy of Sciences (1989) and ACCA certificate (member since 2002, fellow since 2007, FCCA). Apart that due diligence certificate from Moody’s (2015) and Oxford Chicago Booth Valuation Program certificate from Oxford Saïd (2017). For 10 years he used to work at science and research at Polish Academy of Sciences, Max Planck Institute, Germany and Tohoku University, Japan. Additionally Dariusz served 3 terms as Member of Polish Council of ACCA.