Grabowski Krzysztof

Krzysztof Grabowski

Master in chemistry, securities broker, Ph.D. in law, capital markets and corporate governance expert.

Member of the Academic Society of the Allerhand Institute and of the Scientific Society of Praxiology, arbitrator and mediator at the Court of Arbitration at the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. expert witness in the field of trading in securities. Member of the Ethics Committee of the EFPA Polska – Foundation for the Standards for Financial Advisors, member of international organizations of corporate governance. Member of the jury of "The Best Annual Report".

He has worked for several market institutions: brokerage houses, Warsaw Stock Exchange, Securities and Exchange Commission, Polish Financial Supervision Authority. Former member of the supervisory board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, former president of the Polish Association of Brokers and Investment Advisors. Participant in the legislative works on capital market and company law at national and EU levels. Author of numerous publications, both scientific and popularizing, lecturer at seminars and workshops on capital markets, corporate governance and business ethics.