Murawski Marcin Michał

Marcin Michał Murawski

From 2012:  Independent Member of Supervisory Boards and Audit Committees, Chairman of the Audit Committees in GPW listed companies and public supervision companies: 

GTC S.A. – real  estate
CCC S.A. – retail (until 2019)
APATOR S.A. – electro-mechanical industry
SecoWarwick S.A.- electro-mechanical industry
SANTANDER-AVIVA  JV Life and SANTANDER-AVIVA JV Non-Life - Insurance Companies

ACCA Member from 2000.
ACCA Practicing Certificate (eligible to work as Certified Auditor in UK) –  from 2003
KIBR Qualification (Polish Statutory Auditor No 90053) - from 2003
CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) – qualification in 2005
University of Warsaw, Faculty of Management, Master

Previous experience:
2005-2012: Head of Internal Audit in WARTA INSURANCE in  KBC GROUP NV - Chief Internal Audit Executive (CIA) - KBC TFI, WARTA INSURANCE, WARTA PENSION FUND.
1997-2005: Audit Manager in PwC Insurance and Financial Services

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