Dzik Zofia

Zofia Dzik

Investor, innovator, thinker, experienced C-Level manager, pioneer of the fintech market (i.e. CEO of TU Link4 S.A.). A long-time member of a number of supervisory boards of listed companies.(i.e. CCC S.A., PKO BP S.A., InPost S.A., Arctic Paper S.A., BRW S.A., AmRest CE, PKP CARGO S.A., ERBUD S.A., Sanok Rubber S.A.) with 9 years experience from Big 4 and work in all types of committees of supervisory board.

Founder of the Humanites Institute - a think&DO tank systemically combining the topics of Man and Technology, founder of the Center for Ethics in Technology, author of social development models - including the Coherent Leadership™ model.

Member of the Scientific Council of IDEAS NCBR - a Polish center dedicated to artificial intelligence and digital economy, the Chapter of the Eagles of the Republic of Poland and the Social Council of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology. Top 10 leaders of sustainable development in Poland according to Forbes Women and winner of the title of "Responsible Capital" of Forbes Poland for 2023

Lecturer, mentor, founder of the Leadership Academy for Educational Leaders - the first leadership development program in Poland in education; initiator of the Global Social Movement Two Hours for Family/For Man which spreaded to 59 countries.

Privately: wife, triple mother, who likes hiking in the deserts of the world.

She is an advocate of systemic activities supporting people in today's world to make good use of new technologies and not become their thoughtless object.