Participation in debates and conferences

In the last few weeks, members of the Association of Independent Non-Executive Directors were speakers at a number of debates and conferences.

Ewa Radkowska-Świętoń, the Association’s President, participated in the “Can stock indices improve the climate and why is it worth to be a part of the green index” panel during “ESG Warsaw 2021” as well as in the “Supervisory Board Agenda for 2022” panel during the Supervisory Board Forum and the “Financing sustainable development. Determining priorities” debate organised by Parkiet.

Filip Gorczyca, Member of the Management Board of the Association, participated in the “Co-operation between the CFO and the Supervisory Board” session during the 11th Supervisory Board Conference. Moreover, he took part in the “Effective Supervisory Board – utilisation of the new and proposed solutions” panel during the “Code of Commercial Companies” conference, in which also other members of the Association actively participated: Milena Olszewska-Miszuris took part in the “How to be an independent Supervisory Board member and stay sane” debate while Michał Rogatko led the session entitled “Communication between the Supervisory and Management Boards”. Moreover, Michał Rogatko participated in a debate on the tasks of the Audit Committee and their timetable during the Supervisory Board Forum.