Participation in the 6th Public Companies’ Conference / 12 May 2022

On 12 May 2022, Filip Gorczyca, Management Board Member at The Association of Independent Non-Executive Directors, participated in the “Major challenges for Polish listed companies in 2022” panel summarising the 6th Public Companies’ Conference, and commented on, among others, the following topics:

  • Verification of business partners – this area has gained a new dimension as a result of the sanctions imposed on Russian entities; moreover, the supply chain disruptions and economic slowdown create additional pressure on many companies to broaden their client and supplier base at all costs;
  • Maintaining flexibility and agility as well as planning for different scenarios;
  • Ensuring effectiveness of supervisory boards and audit committees, for the purpose of which a helpful tool is the “Sample Annual Audit Committee Work Plan” compiled by The Association of Independent Non-Executive Directors.